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Neccesita Translaccion?!?

    About the site

    This site uses Jekyll FLAT FILE CMS.
    -No, I dont use a database.

    It is mirrored on the zeronet:


    (you can serve a copy of it too!)
    -But you cant get there from here without running some (python) software.

    YOU KNOW what this site is about. (why are you looking HERE?)

    Why did I make an INDEPENDENT website?

    WHY IN HELL would anyone want an INDEPENDANT WEBSITE apart from Blogger,wordpress,etc?
    This is why

    Pay attention to the fluke on the whale.

    Methinks the system is rigged torwards SILOS
    (Who can tell you what to say, and what not to say.)

    social media

    Professional accounts are one thing- do not mince them- with personal accounts, please.

    I have seen loads of complaints that start like this:

        Well my friends dont like (you, your website...)


    -Its not up to your friends to dick-tate my life(or me- or what I have to say).
    -If this was real life, Id say:

        Move out
        Find another place to hang
        Find other friends
        Enjoy your clic (and one-sided banter)
        or Id ask you to walk away and never see me again.

    (you cant do all these online)

    Maybe instead of BITCHING about responses that you invite into the conversation on matters that matter-
    you should roll with the punches and help remedy the situation?

    Social media is designed to allow for comments from others.
    If you dont want comments- push a BLOG. Then walk away.

    This is a growing problem in phoenix.
    Many would rather instigate a fight-
    -and call on others as hitmen
    -than help solve the underlying problem.