To withold rent or not?

Now, all of a sudden the place wants to catch fire with me in it.
And apparently its NOT THE ONLY ONE.

Court sez your not supposed to “withold rent for repairs” and must pay no matter what.
Slaps me on the wrist.
Your supposed to NOT be able to have that kind of money.

Sounds like a scam if you ask me.


Been reporting, as you may or may not know about my last shit hole since July 2015.

Thats a lot of rent.
All due to ME.
24 months in fact.

Code enforcement is going to have a FIELD DAY mopping up after this, especially after TULANE and WARREN. And those complexes are getting air time on TV. This one is NOT.

Who is getting paid off how many cookies?
I want all of them.

Jokes on them.
Im about to hand them the sorry side of ASS on a 14K Pladnium platter. Now serving….YOU!

You REALLY REALLY want to go after a MILITARY JOURNALIST who has been DOCUMENTING VIOLATIONS of LAW for MONTHS, STEAL his MAIL, FREEZE his CREDIT, post negative debt collections before theyre even due…DO you REALLY want to go there?

..And do it AGAIN?
..And THEN dont fix the apartment after being SERVED?
BOY u got a bug up your asses!

Four months later and the same extortion racket. Jokes on them.

Heres my middle finger.
Have fun when Patriot Act bites you in the fact and you have code enforcement with a smattering of violations hitting you in court shutting you down!!

-Oh, and did I mention the restraining order and injuction?


-Oh this isnt GOOD ENOUGH for you? Expect my bank to compensate me for your eviction racket.
Thats RICO charges buddy.
Thats a felony.

Heres another:

	Defrauding consumer by failling to uphold rental obligation on behalf of landlord.

The unit and building is UNSAFE and should NEVER have been unboarded and rented out.
You rented it to me for TWO YEARS, knowing these conditions to exist.

Thats endangering the life of a US GOVT asset. A Patriot ACT VIOLATION.

-Are you “down with the sickness”?