The goal is to sit down and PLAY, not fiddle with miles of cardboard paper sheets for hours “preparing”….

Everyone likes a card game.
-Especially on a PC.

Skip-BO is one example.


	Magic The Gathering

and others.
So lets go digital.

We have solitare. We have PySol.
We have UNO(yes, we do have it, but its not quite the xbox version).
And NOW, someone has figured it out.

And if we can do ONE, the others should come easily.

this one.


Ok, this is a knock off, its not from wizards(and I dont care, since they wont code a working Linux or MAC version and the Sindows one is glitchy and just RAW.)

And you dont have to PAY for this.
(mebbe you should donate to wizard to keep thier servers going? AHEM…)

So whats missing here is non-MtG decks and rules and/or mods.

All clones such a PokeyMon have rule mods but basically follow the same structure as MtG.
Tokens, etc. SHOULD be supported. Dice, Im not sure. [random(x)…its not that hard…]

Ok, so you have the client (build it) and the wizard.
The wizard fetches the card DATA(including some spoofs).
You config the CLIENT to fetch the artwork via Wizard’s lookup feature.
The location is given to you, but you have to turn it on.

The next step is TIME CONSUMING and uses up some space. Ive saved you the hassle.This is VERY VERY BOORING process.

Here are some CARDS.(approx. 700MB)
If you have a HI-RES pack, help me out.

Just kick extract this file into your cockatrice folder.
Reload the app and voila, the cards are all loaded in the deck manager window.
No more need to fetch from the server.

Now, I asked you to BUILD the app for one reason. The default card back is very generic.
You probly want this one.

This requires you replace a resource and then recompile the app. I dont need the server parts, so I dont build them.

And if you have problems building, do some homework, there are some weird package requirements (QT) with non-standard names.

YOU CAN BUILD THIS. Ive done it.(Mind you, Im on Debian and Fedora)

Enjoy, leave feedback on the cockatrice website. Server login details for multiplayer are there.