To 4K? Or not to go 4K?
..4K…(A LIE of itself, its 2K..)

Before you assume that Im made of the midas touch here(Im not), the industry with regards to hi-def keeps changing.
So much so that industry and broadcasters and end users are now in constant struggle to keep up. (As was with blu-ray)

4K is the new emerging standard.

But first you ask, isnt that EXPENSIVE?

No, not if you look around.
Seiko has a few models available.
The 55 is very hot right now.

AND VERY CHEAP, compared to others.
After all, you dont want bells and whistles, you want 4K… and you want it NOW!

And ewe shall have it there, sir miestro.

But until industry can catch up you will see some caveats.

All broadcasts are hardly in 1080p (full HD) standard, most are 1080i or lower. 

For example: ION is 720p, some subchannels are still in 480p and 4:3 (square) format.

Internet speeds have yet to support full 1080p, let alone anything higher. 

Your streams will hiccup as a result of the bandwidth limitations of your ISP.

Everything NOT in 4K will be upscaled(potentially on the fly) by your TV. 

This can mean FUZZ on lower resolution signals and lack of support for very old video game consoles. (Yes, your DVD collection as well).

Your computer, if used to drive the TV (HTPC) must be capable of 4K(twin hdmi out).

Take note of especially the last line.
Radeons can drive a TV.
VERY WELL, even at VGA resolutions, which are non-standard sizes for TV.

For example, I had my screen attached and drove my TV the other day.
Same resolution on both screens.

The tested 4K requirement notes the following of a computer:

DVI was tested but HDMI is the obvious choice of connectors.
Twin SLI or Crossfire is RECOMMENDED(mostly due to DVI used, but nonetheless)
MINIMUM VRAM of 2GB PER CARD available. 

Note this is the BARE minimum at ULTRA settings and 4K resolution.
3GB or more PER CARD is HIGHLY recommended.
You might could get away with lower settings at same resolution.

Your choice if you want to go, but you might be waiting a while for the 4K OTA and internet streams to keep up.
In the meanwhile of course you can test out a saved file or two from the net.
4K streams are available online, however, a live stream will either hiccup severely or not be available.

Also note that you wil require certain browser plugin to fetch the 4K content, it does not come automagically, you have to pull teeth to find actual shot 4K QUALITY movies and be able to download them.

And they are ALSO uncompressed it seems(youd think someone would learn thier lesson with HiDEF here..) as a result, the files are YUUUGE!

MKV and DIVX/XVID were meant to compensate for this(8:1 compression usually).