So you want to send some money to someone?
UH- SLOOOW down Mister hedgehoggie!

Post office has a habit of intercepting and stealing mail.
I hope you can insure it.

Assuming you dont work for a living and can GET to the post office…

Live in a big city? ..No WU wires for you.

They are doing away with actual wires and giving out CHECKS instead.

WU station(where you would think would cash it):
Hope you are not a terrorist or bad check bouncer… no money for ewe…

-You can deposit it in your bank if you want to wait and have a local branch
(love the BofA features…even deposit cash…)

Automated, schma-toe-mated.

You just dont give a flying FUCK about people.
If you did, you would have WIRED the money to the destination and it would be ready for pickup within hours.

-So whats left?

	Gift cards? 
	VISA cards?
	CASH? (But you cant get to the post office, right?)
	Direct wire? (I suppose, but not very practical as a gift.)
	PayPal? (Falls somewhere in the above.)
	Bitcoin card? 

Bitcoin? [No latent 3-6 day wire? You need to get verified and ASK coinbase…]

Once acquired, Bitcoin will send like WU used to.
It can be spent online in places or re-switched out to fiat currency later on.

There are some phone apps but they are “bending the rules” Apple set up.