I wanna reach out and touch people

-you sick sick pervert….thats not what I mean. (I dont mean snipe, neither..but that comes close.)


Thought I would reech out here and do a promote for Past Lives–Future Lives Doc Bruce Goldberg. He seems a very very wise man.

He only charges by the hour, ya know and I get that, but theres no reason to be greedy here.
Anyway, the book covers the stigmata of the past and future, even far future in some peoples eyes.

A touch at the end on “light beings” without (EM) physical body tying them down to this realm.
Are they angels?
Thats ONE definition.
Light bodies is another.

Loads of his other works, however, seems to be on the basis of energy and etheric fields and he seems to cover this subject matter extensively in ad nauseum detail in not ONE, but several books on the subject of healing and the like.

It takes a minute to digest, but boils down to this:

The whole is NOT the sum of the parts but rather the cohessive being represented in many ways:


(Like 50 parts the aura)

The concept of “planes of existence” is even touched on in several ways.

For an old Dr.Phil like guy, he seems open enough to discuss anything, and I DO mean ANYTHING(in session).
This world, however, takes the stance that space beings and humanoids come from the far far future.

Even others touch on the matter.
“Lion People” comes to mind.

Im gonna stop you right there.


Respect to the “Lion People” author, they DO exist.

They are NOT living in OUR FUTURE, but in thier time where they are.

IN our future they will know us, eventually.
Just because they have all the tech and thier year is like 3040 or something doesnt mean our year here needs to match that in order to meet them.

And not to burst your bubble but humans have been here for like 12,000 years or so.

The Annunaki have recorded it in Sanskrit if you dont believe me.

Each earth-ish world lives time differently.

Space-time is the better calculator but HERE, stardates have not been used yet.
What ever the established standard is, has not been used, either.

This may be a Grey misconception because they time travel.
I doubt humans are them in ANY way, in ANY time.

Humanoids are the life which develops elsewhere, light years from here.

Not to say there is not animal life forms in any way, but rather that the DOMINANT race or species is half-animal, half-human(ish), standing on two legs, and hyper intelligent, let alone sentient and self-aware.

Clearly they have discovered language and some form of telepathy and universal language with thier space neighbors or all hell would break loose and chaos ensure.

And in some instances, this has been the case.

Even , as I understand, with races that understand a common language(Alpha LYRAE, anyone?).
That said, the happy-go-lucky people are out there somewhere….
(Roddenberry and Berman were not off by much)

About “touching people”…..
reech out into thier soul….
go read Strieber’s “Communion”.

The book cover gazes into your abyss.
The book image BECONS the underlying questions on one’s mind.