Yes, thats pronounced that way– as in die-ass-poor-a.

Im going to summarize the blogging systems available.

Diaspora is a bloated Rails plug-in that requires waay too many resources to do its job.
By its very nature its decentralized, meaning that “nodes” have ultimate control and that there is “no centralization”.

So let me simplify this:

    Your logins are not SSO(Single sign on) nor universal
    Your posts are different across nodes and DONT SYNC

Diaspora is a scalable headache.

Seen is one alternative.

But so far, IMHO, Facebook uses Modified Drupal backend, IIRC.
So what that means is that basically we are throwing a scalable(YEAH, RIGHT) copy of WordPress across a server farm.


    WordPress (MU or otherwise) doesnt scale well either

Rather, by experience (Ive learned this here), its a BITCH to maintain, BACKUP/RESTORE, and operate.
Multiple plugins can fail to update or get dropped over time, plugins conflict with others, new features dont work well…etc.
To the point of breaking a working website, moreso with Drupal than Wordpress, but none-the-less.

The Messenger app is called UnSeen.
Same corporate entity behind both.

The Zero provides one alternative to this and it works very well, but can still be a headache in its own right.

So, yes, the kerfluffery of a eclectic collaboration online looks like ass- hence my calling it: