Cell Phones

SO… you walk into some shady phone dealer shop thinking you can save on a new cell phone do you?

NAH. NAH so fast, there slick.
They pull shady tricks.

Phone carriers are bad about locking phones to sims. And mostly you can unlock them from some schmuck online for next to nothing.

..But then USED dealers are inadvertently doing the same thing.
O you THINK its “unlocked”? Yuo paid for an unlocked phone, USED or otherwise…
..And then .. come to find out…


-What to do?

Either the guy is really shady and working for the phone company or knowns phones better than you think. Because once a phone is “unlocked” its NEVER EVER supposed to lock again.

YET, horseshit carriers are trying to LOCK phones…

I bought a LG G3 thinking I had a steal. Waste of $150 is more like it. But naw naw, go with that shady unheard of carrier … by all means… trying to save money…


Straight Talk AKA DBA TracFone is the cheapest and there is NO CHEAPER. They are prepaid like others BUT offer cyclical billing so you dont have to go hunting down phone cards every month.

–until your bank account gets hacked and you have to resubmit the info. –WHOOPS! there goes everything. Until it gets fixed.


Buy it unlocked at the RETAIL store, or ENSURE its unlocked. Here’s how:

Buy a SIM of the carier you like. ANY UNLOCKED phone will take it. DO THIS FIRST. Activate it online. Get to the step that sez power cycle your phone. STOP.

DO NOT THROW AWAY ANY part of the SIM PACK until you know it wont fit into your phone. As a safeguard, CUT those SIMS, so nobody can directly clone yours inadvertently.

Go get a used UNLOCKED phone. If its not UNLOCKED, it wont take ANY SIM. There is NO “only use carrier X, Y, and Z” with an UNLOCKED phone.

Give the SIM to the phone guy when you buy it. Either HE inserts it or you refuse to activate with ANY CARRIER when you buy the phone and you insert the SIM yourself, pay for the phone and leave.

If they refuse, ITS A LOCKED PHONE. DONT BUY from them. REMEMBER, YOU HAVE SERVICE. Its on that SIM.

Apparently, some phone ‘dealers’ in MEMPHIS are VERY SHADY.

As an alternative you can walk away from your contract by unlocking a NEW phone, but theyll hit you with a disconnect and REFUSED to PAY BILL FINE. If youre planning on bankruptcy anyways, jokes on THEM.

Unlock your phone. Dont settle.