Lawyers…cant live with em..
cant shoot em..
they dont want you to sue em..
but you cant live without one..

Because some schmuck is bound to break the law and fuck you over….

Go find one? HA!
Thats a big joke…especially a LandLord lawyer for Tennants…. HA!

I just had two bankruptcy lawyers cancel each others words out.

1- no you cant file, manage your debt and those misbehaving debts 2- I dont see why you cant file…do you want to file? I dont manage anything.

Defamation lawyer? HA!
Another joke but apparently they exist somewhere.

People in Cali and DC have them…

I want one…. I dont people lying to others about me publicly.
Public record my left foot!
Thats 6 mos inaccurate-pull a recent copy or eat my middle finger because its defamation(libel).

Same for credit reports…

Can I have a lawyer?