“When your place is ON FIRE you dont owe the rent…” -judge judy
But you DO in DUNLAP, TN….and in MEMPHIS, TN.

Anniston- “dont come back without permission from us explicitly. YOU CANT LIVE HERE”.
Oh- not to worry, the place is over 20K in the hole(a sink) already….

This is the fourth rental, yes, the Anniston house counted too- but it was a purchase option that I said NO on….
anyways… the FOURTH rental that is unfit for a king, a peasant (or anything inbetween).

	BAD or no HEAT
	Electric mains stutter when using major appliances
	LOOSE light sockets everywhere
	PLUMBING or HOT WATER leaks (and odors most foul)

Dont get me started about pest control…
The rats already have run amok in the walls. So have the ants.

-and you want how much for this dump?
I want out-
call habitat, this STATE is unliveable!

Maybe I should go back to Japan where people actually give a DAMN? Because Id never come back….

Canada really isnt much of an option for me, the bitter NYC and DETROIT LAKE EFFECT SNOW arround Leamington really get to me.

Moreso my hip and knee joints.
The pain is excruciating.

Im not 60.
Im 36.
How come I feel like Im 80?

Its either called weather control or unstable planetary wobble.
Neither is good.