-I thought I heard something…

So… you THINK you know AUDIO?

Garbage in –> Garbage out


	You get what you wanted to have. 
	Run this by me again?

DOnt bitch to me about “compression” ruining a file.

I have mp3 burned audio [twice re-encoded] (lossy) and played it back from cd…differences in music are inpercieve-able.
Your ears DO NOT know the difference of what is missed.

“To the window….to the WALL…” on $30 cheap ass over ear headphone out does a 3000W bass cannon rolling down the street.

Kevin Kern is also a good audio demo(buy the cd please)..Its called “In the enchaned Garden”.
And the CD is recorded in such a way that the audio clips, that is NOT a compression glitch.
The piano is played THAT LOUD.

If it sounds lousy now…ADD an EQ(uilizer)…any dont over pre-amp anything. (It causes bass distortions).


DEFRAG your collection.
YES!!! There is a way on Linux.

-That crirping is the file defragging (thru the speaker on-the-fly and failing) incorrectly.

I can out pump your system so well, youd swear Id spent thousands on it.
All I did was pre-amp it correctly…and adjust the EQ.

..you THINK you know audio?

Not unless you spent the past 20 years in a sound studio…