BUT BUT BUT…. HE threatened me….

Is that your perception?
Your perception of REALITY is FLAWED.


I have been falsely accused…..

-You want an injuction? I can arrange it.

Its called PARANOID DELUSION people….
NY state law allows MANDATORY PSYC HOLD for 72 hours.

(TN doesnt care)

A summons of your right to council and summary of your rights are NOT THREATS.
(lawyers love getting thier asses handed to them repeatedly)

And I deliver what I promise.

If I promise sanctions, then sanctions are coming.
If I promise FEDERAL INDICTMENT, then its pending…
If I promise FINES, then you had better PAY UP!

I dont threaten ANYONE.

If I say Im going to shoot you, then you had better RUN like a sonofabitch.
If you pissed me off to this point…best of luck..RUN.

If a warning is a problem…
then next time you get none, and when your ass is SHOT, dont come crying to me about it.

Some countries are ran this way (phillipines, etc.)

Im trying to give you oppourtunity to correct your clearly ARROGANT, ACININE, UNRULY behavior.
But if you dont want to correct it…thats on YOU.
I cannot be held responsible for YOU or what YOU MADE me do.

And for the record:

	I dont brandish and wave weapons willy nilly. 
	If a gun is drawn on you, you have 30 seconds or LESS to correct yourself BECAUSE I INTEND TO SHOOT. 
	ONE does NOT DRAW unless lives are on the line or someone feels threatened.

–Tell me how THIS is a threat?

You walked up to me because you couldnt keep your damn trap shut and your emotions in check…

If you owe me money, I intend to collect it one way or another.

I dont beat peoples brains in for money.
I dont break legs to collect. (maybe I should)

I sue and I reverse bank transactions.
I stop checks when FRAUD is discovered.

So you feel threatened-

It wasnt me.

Maybe some govt agent(people have been murdered)…but not ME.