There is a TON of brainwashing and information wars going on…
…its more than Orwellian .. are you a par tof the problem?

Im not just talking command and control types like the “appearance” (remember- “appearances are a bitch”) of things.

Im talking about online occultism (less like Crowley, more like brainwashing). And it happens more than you know.

Im seeing things posted online that once posted catch like wildwire- are completely untrue, have no basis of fact, are presumed a part of a “followership religion” (cult) and are never questioned.

The second you question things you become public enemy number one.
Entire groups turn on you.

All you can do is report and block..half the time the group admins allow these posts.
Which is wrong.

If I call an event “an upcoming merkaba gate” you can assure that by the end of the week 50 people have posted about it,
the events leading up to it, every subtopic associated with it(by the hour) etc etc….

This isnt just “UNLAWFUL SALES” pushing (get your own website and dont spam)…
(people are often too damn lazy to blog, let alone make a website…)
This is creating a cult- (dont you dare question ME about the event posted!)

event after event after event….

I dont care its always the END OF THE WORLD post or not.

You people have too much time on your hands, are sucking disability when you dont need it(some of us do), or need to “get a life”.

There’s a reason youre getting banned online and I dont want to hear about it.
Rutheless banhammer for you without explaination…(or warning)

(Friends dont let friends join cults.)

Go play some damn video games or something if really have that much free time.
Lasertag? Paintball (Ill join you) .. I really dont care.

And all of this JESUS postings….I SAW JESUS…(no, you saw what you presumed to be Jesus..)
youre going to stay in this catergory and there are plenty of posts (one pending) about WHY.

JESUS is FAKE. Archeologists have proven it.
Sorry to bust your bubble….

This is a way to control others by adding “your interpretation” of events
(whether seen in a vision or not) into believeing your otherwise unbelievable story because you added in a religious (ficticious composite) figurehead.

Mary statutes may weep or not- (some have been proven fake like a magic trick) that doesnt make a composite FAKE religious figurehead REAL.

Kids believe dinosaurs are friendly too.
Truth is- dinosours most would rip a kids tiny little head off for lunch.
(Jurasic park anyone?)

Cats would no sooner rip your eyes out (probly why I need glasses) than play with your kids.
They claw at everything they dont like.

No I dont need to scare you- you need to wake the fuck up to reality.
Your ability to question is “the ultimate power”.

Power can only be given up, never taken away.


1- “appearances…appearances are a bitch that often indicate more [presumed data]…”

	-Senior Chief (MCC) Johnson, USS Essex (2006)

2- Alester Crowley and the (now modified) OTO/AA 3- “Roman Church” post on this blog (not yet posted) 4- Definition of occultism (followership) 5- Jurassic Park movie (pick one)