We hear the term all of the time.

“White trash”

“trailer trash”

But for a cardboard house with wafers for walls…is it all that bad or a cheap reprieve because we really cant afford anything else?

Sure some have limitations.

NO kids below 35.
NObody below 65..

Some want more money than others.

YOU are out in the sticks , usually.

But in the end for a few people its a cheap excuse to live.
Apartments are pricey.

So is it ALL that bad to be “trailer trash”?
You dont live in a trash heap…this isnt a cardboard box…

	What is being thrown away?

I havent had too bad an experience(there are bugs…) in trailers, often theyre pretty roomy and quiet.
Rent is mostly affordable..

..But if you have five kids or more (or hundreds on the way) then this is not for you.

This is where people get the idea from…because you cant stop FUCKING AROUND and have 100s of kids…

..that you wind up trashing the place and everywhere you go.