Went to the dollar store the other day…hmmm I could use some headphones…

$5? No no …. too much…

AH! whats this? $1 … for WHITE iPhoney-like (probly Chinese-made) earbuds…
.. that I know for a fact that Apple sells for $20 or more a pop…

$300 for a pair of BRANDED WIRED headphones that a $20 pair can duplicate the audio of?
1000w car stereo bass cannon and my $10 PC speaker set out does you at 88% volume…?

	I already insulted you for not knowing audio...get a grip on your budget, man!

How many go about life buying

	$5 loaves of bread(you can make)
	buy thousand dollar furniture
	buy million dollar homes

… for WHAT?

	A place to piss?
	To flop a mattress?
	For a carpet for your dog to piss on?
	To sit on one's ass? 

Go cheap! Shop around! Have it shipped..

	And NEVER pay retail.

Sometimes, used cars or whatnot, its unavoidable…until consumer laws kick in.
Then blast em with everything you got!

People spend WAAAY to much money and then wonder where it went….
I can account for every penny each month.

Can you?