There are witches hiding amonst you.
Pagan strongholds right under your nose.
The people you never suspected.

And its A-OK.

“BAH! Its NOT ok– go worship JESUS…lemme beat JESUS into you…”


JESUS is fake.
See the “church” post.
Ive covered that extensively.

Take your bullshit elsewhere or WAKE THE FUCK UP to reality before you.
You types of people are the reason why the witches have hidden- and you kill them the same way your prophet was killed.

Not on a CROSS-
on a STAKE.

-ASSUMING JESUS wasnt a “COMPOSITE character” to begin with.

Wicca is a “primary religion”.
One of the few truest ones.
Some turn to chaos magic or traditional covens or “Occult” like the OTO,AA, Rosen-cross “societies”.

But mostly those as of late have been tied to illuminati and “dark magic” or traced back to some really deep demonic shit.
Things arent as they once were, or as some like A. Crowley have tried to teach.

Funny how “the devil incarnate” comes to shine as an angel compared to what these SECRET SOCIETIES do or are involved with.
Anyway, mostly the same “compatible form” of worship- to witchcraft.

Ive found over the years, however, the derivation from the “living true wicca” to those involved requires “purchasing a ton of useless shit” piecemeal at a time until you acquire all the needed components.

There is no single “witch kit” to get you going as the “religion” is so widely and independently modfied and made personal.
Its recommended to be that way.

AKA businesses make a shit ton of money off of you for things made in a commercial or TV esque manner.
(its always been this way)

Why worship in a way that doesnt suit you-
or if youre a male and dont fit into “Goddess methods”??

  • dont worry, theres still a place for men (Gods).

If you think every “male witch” is a warlock- youre mistaken.
Men are the Lady’s equal and counterpart- and play everymuch a role in wicca.
They just arent talked about much.

Wicca is seen as feminine.
Wizards and Mages are seen as Masculine.

Other than ceremonial rituals- there isnt much difference.

And then theres the books- OMG!
Ive torn open 13 books or more just for the “ARCANE KNOWLEDGE” within to “fix the flow” of the produced book into something useful.

Books are usually a waste.
Grimoires and spellbooks are usually mass-produced, produced for a single person, or may not fit you.

You WILL HAVE to customize one.

I mentioned LIVING WICCA.

The LIVING WITCH is no more than a fancy cook with one’s WICKED cookbook and SPELL ingredients.
When you make the mess, you clean it up.(Go ride that broom)

Does this explain it any clearer?

As to the effect of spells, I find the Ceremonial school Magic more effective in CHAOS MODE-
aka “instant kharmic etheric energy movement spells” are more effective than just “wishing things to happen” in a wiccan spell.

(Often DOING is more effective than PRAYING about things.)

I hope this helps.

Theres nothing wrong with a coven, Ive just never used one.
Group energy can be a curse or a blessing.

I have been advised against AA and OTO membership by an offworld source.
I trust his knowledge and guidance on the subject, even if it seems “misaligned”.

Wicca is private, not so much secret.
Dont knock mental disease or defect as a large part of “wiccan society”, neither.

Basic shrine components, however, I understand.
Most will have to be purchased.
They are “special” novelties.

    small colored candles
    TEA Cups
    Pentagrams(usually right side up, you perverted dingbat)
    crystal balls
    empty grimoires or spell books

People have been afraid to come out of the “broom closet” in the past.
You were asked to hide the craft, to “destroy any existance and evidence if caught”.

Its because its a private matter- and why should you be prosecuted for your beliefs?

    because some chrisitian brainwashed asshat sez so?
    Get outta here!

And dont come back or Ill curse you for eternity!