Public service Announcement:

Are you a DataSlave?
Has your information been sold to others without your consent behind your back on the sly?
Its Time to fight back!

Now urging all citizens of anyhoo-ville to demand legal right protecting PRIVATE citizen data that most governments would kill to have thier hands on.

Your information IS being sold to the highest bidder and without your consent.

YOU ARE being tracked, stelthily and behind your back for money. Thats what these companies do.

	GNOME Desktop (if left enabled)

The NEXUS has been at it for more than TEN years.
I know because I tried to wiggle data out of them in 2007 and was unsuccessful THEN.

But to get them to correct or DELETE YOU? NO NO…youre worth TRILLIONS to them……

And now (Disney, Barbie, etc.) has got your LITTLE KIDDIES private little secrets TOO!
OMG OMG… OMG….what a nightmare!!!

Lets all fight this. NEXUS and Experian are global companies. Lets stop thier growth. Lets stop the DATA (and credit) ABUSE.

Start with the FTC, FCC, and Civil rights office nearest you.

State loudly:

	Im NOTForSale

“A “conservative” has posted this information. No money was spend on this Ad.” -ZippyFastGuy