UEFI video quackery

ATI and nVidia when they switched to UEFI- changed the game on the rest of us. They said your hardware is too old and forced kernel modesetting- which we dont want- (because it breaks things) to ON.

This is BAD and why Linux-es across the globe “just played along” and forced it shows thier incomptence.

This is the PRIMARY reason why X11 refuses to run on old hardware across the board-

    this is not limited to x86
    PowerPC are also affected

see people thought it was limited to x86 arch, IT ISNT.

ALL chips EVERYWHERE are affected. This driver change BROKE LINUX INTENTIONALLY.

The last fully supported Linux w ATI or nVidia chips is UBUNTU 14 and Debian JESSIE(7), or FEDORA 20.

This was done on behalf of ASS-RAPING GREEDY COMPANIES who dont value you. They want to forcibly make you spend more money!

See your 20 year old computer works just fine -but its the OPERATING SYSTEM thats a fault. You cant upgrade the OS because THEY BROKE IT–and they wont fix it!

“ATI- southern ISLANDs is coming…”- OH? WHEN?, in 2077? 4099?

This fix is simple- disable the force- disable modsetting unless we need it. Kernel modesetting is a forced patch bu industries that dont want us using older hardware.

This gets complicated that much further w VFIO and Virtualization of Windows and OSX (Sierra+). You need UEFI everything in your hardware, then UEFI video hardware, THEN UEFI (fake) VM BIOS

    just to even come close to REAL virtualization

Not to mention that IOMMUs and Hardware Virt support is also required these days(it didnt used to be). Now, this is a good thing, however, NOT A “NEEDED requirement”. It does greatly accellerate as much as possible- (you cant speedup windows disk access, however, to save your life).


    New computer 750-1300 USD
    New OS keys: + 150 per non-linux OS

Every five or less years…..

    $210 upgrade PER GPU to get UEFI support.

Sure, you CAN emulate an older G3, g$, even 64bit G5 or run OSX in a VM…but why be forced to?

I want my software “universally adoptable” like Debian promises, but cant deliver on because of industry.

Linus- you got sum apolo-gi-zin to do!

-copied from southernpricks.wordpress.org, the LIVE, public website. (for now)