Here you will find a few of the Warcraft nudges that Ive compiled along the way of playing the game.
To some of you this is nothing new.

To others, this is how the game was meant to be played. So if you feel disadvantaged, TRY THIS!

If the data isnt here, its because I havent thoroughly tested it yet.
This takes extensive research and time.

These particular skillsets excel well and quickly.
Others, not so much.
And yes I have multiple characters.

-This is as of the 5.2.0 -Monster patched- update.
v6 hasnt been working on unix lately thru wine whatsoever.
The binary needs some anti-ad hacking or something to work correctly.(beyond the scope of this document)

Race  |   Skillset

Undead ---- Necromancer
Worgen ---- Druid
Human ---- Paladin
Dwarf ---- Hunter
Night Elf --- Rogue
Dark Elf(55)
Orc ---- Warrior
Tauren --- Mage
Paladin -- Healer
Race  | Profession/Crafting

Worgen ---- Herbal/Elixers
Human ---- Mining/Smithing
Dwarf ---- SKin/Leather
Tauren ---- Herbal/Inscription
Gnome ----
Troll -----
Paladin ---- 
Orc ----
Undead ---
Draenei ----
Night Elf ----
Dark Elf(55) ----

Where to find mounts:

    Eastvale Camp
    Elywn Forest
    Menthyl Harbor
    Hillsbrad Foothills
    Thereamore Isle
    DustWallow Marsh


    Portal/Mage trainer

Map Hacks

Areas 1-20 are your starting points in the map.

Areas (20-25)

(for those needing to level up fast, proceed here as fast as possible)

    Wailing Caverns
    Shadow Fang Keep
    Blackfathom Deeps

Areas (35-40)

no data

Areas (55-60)

no data

Areas (75-80)

Fires of somewhere as I recall.
This is a very desolate land with lots of challenges.

Beyond 60 becomes time consuming and difficult, but your welcome to continue playing for years on end, growing a beard to your knees..
Level 100 seems to be the new norm, but I have no idea how to achieve it.
Even level 80 sections are difficult challenge still.

Dont knock a lvl100 noobie, they might be trying to save time, unfortunately they are at a disadvantage when it comes to crafting and other aspects, so it shows very well.
Only time can fix this.

As far a morgrification and multiplayer armor, I have no clue…but there exists a way..