Duality of man

Im really really “split” on this issue.
There is reason for it.

No, not because Im split personae myself.

“friends with the monster”?

People have covered this topic on TV. Some people are split personae.

I am Dave (and clearly male) but snap your fingers and do something special and now I am Jenifer.
Jenifer from some past event or some place far away.

True split personae.
But insane?

Are they two spirit beings in one body or the mental faculties of one being manifesting as two individuals?

Im “split” on the issue.

Because these sorts of people come off as an astral projection.
Similar to people like Bashar.

Now Bashar is clearly being channeled as an EBE (NASA’s term) or ET alien (and very clearly states that he is one) by a very sane chaneler.

But the effect is just as real none the less.
This is just like these people operate.

They live, they breathe, they speak in one voice and then poof like magic, they become someone completely else with neither one knowing what the other one does or sees or remembers. There is clearly something going on here.

But are these people insane?
Or is thier voice in thier head just not really thiers to begin with?
Mental health was never my forte, here or elsewhere, so I have no room to comment.

Maybe someone else would care to comment?