Year after year we pass along a fairytale of a Nordic mythical “gift-bearing” CLAUSE traveling by
“fairy dust”-some might say reindeer- from a mysterious place up north near the magnetic-hole.


The Nordic winters were creul and cold and filled of snow.
Legend has it that one(if not several) GROWN MEN beared gifts (maybe food or coal or wood) to get thru the cold winter.

(This is the Nordic legend of the origination of SANTA CLAUSE)


The “magnetic place” around both poles (never a straight line, always at a tilt) is REAL.
Theres a “hole” which makes no sense- leading certainly to “majestic places”. Places impossible to get to.
Places that should NOT BE- there is no known explaination for even an entrypoint to exist around the poles-
-evidence which even NASA shows to exist. There is a hole, an abnormailty- where none should be.
NASA has tried to cover it up, at least once. This post is not about the “hole”- just hilights its existance.

A fairytale place of such nature surely exists.


Hollywood makes “magic”(“Industrial light and magic” that is- and real green dough off of you)
each year re-making the classics. A FABLE by any means necessary.


The rumour goes that Santa “travels down a chimney”.
This is a modern re-make of a “wives tale”.

You want to “cleanse the chimney” or bend it - TO KEEP WITCHES OUT.
(To keep the witches from coming down it.)

By the same theory- “bent pipes” stop the “mythical santa” from paying a visit.
(Those with smaller wooden heating stoves, venting outside.)

He(santa) would only be visiting the STRAIGHT CHIMNEY houses-

    those of yesterlore- 
    or modern design- 

-using brick fireplaces.

Fireplaces that(dont try this at home) mostly would fit a small child- both up and down-the chimney.
(An adult would not fit the whole length, and often people get stuck -mostly thieves-testing the theory)

Now, lord only knows why youd want a fire in the fireplace during a cold winter-
AND a visit thru the fireplace-
By santa clause “paying you a visit”.

This is Sort of telling people “Im burning all incoming witches paying me a visit” and “things are okay”.
An “effigy” perhaps??

Put Together:

The winter equinox is a PAGAN holiday.
A converted NORDIC Holiday.

Symbolizing a wizard(male witch) high on(or composed of) fairy dust(fake magical powder “bearing essence”)
who is visiting people -

down LIT fireplaces (or is HEXED AWAY by bent fireplaces) upon the EVE of the equinox-
the Lunar “Christmas” EVE. Its another form of Passover, as it were.

Christ-mas is of itself a Catholic Religion “HOLY DAY” these days intermingled with hope, love, and a “fake figurehead”.
While not entirely pushing PAGAN beliefs aside- the two are obviously incompatible.
(Christ and the Bible and religion are countered in full in another post.)

A baby born has nothing to do with surviving a winter with TOYS.
I think the meaning has gotten lost with the advent of companies wanting you to
BUY STUFF for ONE DAY of celebrations a year.

I dont mean “because im Christian” or “because I do or dont believe”.
I say this because SANTA and JESUS(the most common belief) are two different stories.
The paths never cross.

One is about bringing joy to kids, another a somber moment of life renewing
(which is more of a hedgehog story than anything-they raise young during the winter)

So yes, I will leaf this here.

Is your chimney fake-
is it straight-
or is it BENT?

Happy YULE.