Advertised as the best thing since sliced bread, this one blade wonder seems to defy the odds. And not just in an as-seen-on-tv way.

Oddly enough, the thing lives up to its hype.


Mebbe a taad expensive?
Def made in Korea and a LOT of NICE THINGS are made over there. If you get the chance to visit, BRING MONEY. You will PISS thru it and get SOOOO much nice things..

You will come back as a KING!
And dressed like one to boot!
Everyone be like “where you get that? Mexico?”

Despite NOT being made in America, and the cheepie ness look of the blades themselves, which are VERY sharp, despite thier looks, this is a FINE product.

You need to adjust how you shave. You will SLICE yourself if you do not. Please take care.

I dont see why anyone would need to go against the grain with this one.

As far as I know, the unit WILL NOT EVER rust.

So how does it fare?


-“Smoother than a newborn babies butt”