There arent too many Authentic JAPANese restauraunts in America. Theres lots of CHINese, even authentic CHINese..
What separates them isnt the country or even style. Nor the ability to mix-on-the-fly a CHU-HI(ShoChu Hiball).

Little Kobe (Koe-bee) in Cookeville, TN is an outstanding restauraunt-sans the hot towel experience.
(Save that for the airplane trip overseas.)

Traditional Chefs, even dressed ceremoniously with the soft, almost female tinge to thier voices await your order.
They almost aproach you as Royalty as shown somewhat in the Geisha movie which aired years ago.

The theme of the Restauraunt matches tradional Japan scenery and the theme you will see repeated overseas, given the oppourtunity to go.
My oppourtunity came via help of the US Navy for a few years.

Should the soup come first in the order (we sat in), you will find the normal hints of sobe, ginger, soy, etc. as one expects.
What you wont expect, however is the mere SIZE of what you order. For a small menu(wise), you will find plenty of food to eat.

If you cant fill up on something, order two plates. If youre still not full- theres something wrong with you.

Now, I cant outrule my ongoing condition when it comes to raw food- so Im not going to pass blame.
As always, be careful with the fish.

As far as I knew the sushimi and sushi rolls were fresh, kept clean, and made properly. You know when they arent because they seem warm, too chewy, etc. Sometimes dry or crusty spots form on the fish itself. No problem with that here.The fish looked fresh.
It went down without squishing too much.

The “fish” wasnt the only thing ordered. As always, watch that kick from the wasabi sauce.

Now this restauraunt isnt for the “faint of wallet” on a “$1 a plate” sushimi budget.

Bring Money. Bring more than double what youd typically think youd need.

That said- you not be disappointed with either the service or the food here.There may be a wait because the staff is smaller than youd expect-but I find this is normal even in ma and pa Japanese Steak houses overseas. Not entirely unexpected.

I really want to give five here…but Im stingy.

How does it do? fourplus-stars