Looking around for a hotel that takes pets in a pinch were we?

Whether youre coming or going doesnt really matter. Decide to stay? Keep reading.

Ewe jes needs a room sometimes….

Super8 is usually your first stop, but in this town it should be your last.

The “corporate” owners are pissy it seems and the local owners are shitty indian people that dont care.
Normally I dont complain about foreigners running gas stations and hotels- im sure they make good money, better than India im sure.

But the problem here is the rampant “lack of care” attitude.

The railings, much as watersedge need replacement, they wiggle like shipboard rails at sea exposed to salt water.(at least ships have an excuse)
So the solution was to repaint them an ugly black color?

The ice machine wants to work.
There is no laundry. Lights out nobody home.

There WAS a nice pool–it is filled nicely–with DIRT, just as Watersedge did to thiers in memphis.

The cleaning staff(family owned?) is an idiot, doesnt speak a lick of english and knocks on your door w the placard at 6am begging for hours to clean the room.
Furthermore, barges in on you without knocking or anything.

I should ask for my money back from the bank but im being fair.

Ive worked as a maid for day labor in daytona. Its quick by-the-room get-er-done work. It pays minimum wage usually.But this is rediculous.

How does it do? one-stars

(standard rules apply-lock fido up or walk fido…dont leave yuge messes and dont have a “fido” that cant behave… some idiots want to bring a 50lb fido and this inst fair to the wee pokeymon..)