Looking around for a hotel that takes pets in a pinch were we?

Whether youre coming or going doesnt really matter. Decide to stay? Keep reading.

Ewe jes needs a room sometimes….

This was my second stop, no pool at all, parking is delapidated and getting hole-y.

The hotel is hiding behind a quik-e-mart gas station that closes around 8 or 9 and is locally ran by some local caucasian (white) family.
Freaked me out at first but the old guy with a ancient beard apparently isnt a bum, he helps run the gas station.

The hotel is right (well left) off the freeway #20 to anniston or whereever- I really didnt care. Its 20 mi from Anniston proper.

I got a nice office desk this time, and the standard deal(bed/tv/microwave/bath).

The bath fan was noisey as all hell.
Something mustve got cought up in there because its grinding while running and the switch is one of those heating lamp 80s era switches with a dial and twin swtches, one apparently going to nothing. The bath is very hidden.

Forget the sauna lamp, its not there.
Most of the sockets were out of the plug in the wall, which can be a electrical safety hazard.I reset these upon entry, which cleared the clock and dishTV remote apparently (or it was never correctly programmed).

Quiet and out of the way but since I called ahead for a pet friendly hotel I wasnt going to beg for the pet fee be added, nor was I going to say anything.
Since some complain about cats(really?) and others exotics, sometimes this is for the best.

I returned the key and left.
Not the greatest, but Ive seen worse.

This location probably doesnt care what type of pet you have. The one in Anniston, however, DOES.
They have this thing against cats but will take a 25lb dog, which can do more damage to the room.

How does it do? two-and-half-stars

(standard rules apply-lock fido up or walk fido…dont leave yuge messes and dont have a “fido” that cant behave… some idiots want to bring a 50lb fido and this inst fair to the wee pokeymon..)