Motel 6 review

This is my review of Motel 6s across the country so far.
I have stayed in a few for my journeys and have something to say about where Ive been.


Strumming along in my auto-mobile…..(somewhere outside of Phoenix) ..and upon the side of the freeway you spot a motel 6…..

Whether youre coming or going doesnt really matter. Decide to stay? Keep reading.

Well its a hotel and the rate seems nice…lets have a deep deep look inside.. is it worth it?



You just scored a $150/night room for around HOW MUCH?



I will let the photos speak for them selves. This room is YUUUGE! And then theres a FULL size bathroom…

..AND they take PETS!

…Boy I jus WUV dis hotel….

How does it do? four-half

(Im a bit skimpy with the FIVE.)


‘You just wanna forget about this *hole’ This sums it up nicely.

DONT ASK about the phones…

I want my money back.

How does it do? one-stars


Dont ‘cook’ in cookeville…I have no idea what its short for.
Its a working town.

Dunno about staff yet, but very on point.Nicely maintained for having a wonkily attached sub section of rooms in the back.
No room for big boys or attached trailers but maybe this is what makes this place better.


Very little complaints except for the DIME ME NOW BS(standard for this chain).

    Wheres the fridge and microwave(nevermind the extra feeeez)?
    Wifi feeeez(advertised but waivable)


Not too happy here so far.
No sleep and flicker-flacker loud tv that wont turn off make me no happy…..

Stayed at another and it must be Charlotte because the place was a dilapidated dump.
If hedgehoggie gets bored, MR. Sonic might start redecorating…

No seriously, ANY PET would get you into trouble here because its falling apart.