If you were looking for another decent CHEAP provider and considered the department called HostGator, you are wrong.
This company is also subcontracted to india, and I mean actually “work-from-home idiots” working out of thier underwear.

Everything is automated and when it breaks at 3am- and it will theres nobody there to fix it.
What makes it worse is the shitty service.

Nobody gives a damn and nobody has any clue what youre ever talking about.

Firstly, “push button and done” never works.
Secondly the “SSD VPS preferred hosting” requires more than 3 hours for some reason to engage(should take 30 seconds).
If it was a softalicious borked install, I would understand. It was SSD VPN hosting setup that failed.

Thirdly, nobody knows thier own hosting packages beyond pushing sales. Nobody can fix or offers to fix anything.
Fourthly, dont give out a credit card number unless its prepaid, because they will runaway bill you.
Fifthly, the corporate contact is bullshit, there is no corporate contact info beyond the “answer at home service” from india. Sixthly, they bill bitch about canselling charges and insist that you pay up for sevices never delivered and that you no longer want.

I have tried for months now to get this company off of my back after contacting capital one and all I get is the standard line:


Its called terminate my payment account and login. Its not rocket science.


If you cant do it, GTFO of the industry.

Just because yer from india does NOT mean you know IT.

How does it do? It doesnt. Dont bother with this company.