If you were looking for a decent CHEAP provider and considered the STUPID department called namecheap, you are wrong.
This company is subcontracted to india, and I mean actually “work-from-home idiots” in india.

These people have no intelligence and refuse to do anything before threat of suit without some form of ID card emailed to them each time.
This is more than a PITA, this is a 2FA SCREW YOU nightmare.

And I dunno about you, but im not going there with that and runaway ethereum billing….
(they dont take ethereum but thats the idea)

Ask for anything that people claim they have and you get the BRAINFUCK department.
Nobody knows how to do it, offers how to help, or gives a damn.

Much like most cPanel services, not a clue about rsync or how to implement it properly.
(And there is worse to be said about hostgator)

Im an admin, not an idiot. Push button mentality doesnt work for me. I need the “extra root options”.

How does it do?
Better than 0Hosting but still very shitty.