I dont drink shitty beers.
I dont drink NASTY beers like Sam adams.

Mebbe I had a bad flavor, but thats all the philippines had at the time. GROSS.

Dont mess with my HOPS.


Bud is a very WET beer with mild amount of fizz. It is generic flavored Hoppy beer. Its KING for a reason.


I know thats not how you spell this German beer. Good taste. Somewhat WET. Flooded with headache producing after-flavor.

Kirin Ichiban (Tall bottle of [Kirin] beer)


One of the first thing one will notice when traveling to Japan is the avilability of beer. Most people DRINK!!! And boy howdy! Two of the MAIN beer brands are Kirin and Asahi.

Asahi makes more than beer. They are Like Coke and that fancy water company all in one. AAND..they make Coffee too!

So the first question out of your mouth is how does it taste? As I said:

	There are TWO BEERS.

Kirin is the WET FULL BODIED, but not quite ALE flavor.Think of it as a full-flavored Budweiser.

Asahi has more of a DRY taste. Hence the pushing of the DRY DRY beer in commercials.

Chu-hi [So-chew hi-ball]

(The anti-beer beer) chu-hi

This isnt really technically beer. Its fine grained hi-fizz hi-alcohol fruit drink. Consider it addicting alcoholic soda. It often comes in fruit flavors. Fun for grown ups.

Most over sea and local bars that know how to make it use SoChu and some sort of fruit flavoring. Some might think the fizz comes from club soda, but thats not the case.

A screwdriver[vodka and juice] with club soda comes close. But a hack-ish way to get a better fizz would be to use a soda-stream machine to re-carbonate the alcohol. They wont tell you about THAT trickā€¦

..but Im betting the bars use similar setup on-the-fly when dispensing it.

So how does it fare?



Definetly not MEH...but could draw out the flavor-flay a touch..ASAHI will leave you wanting
almost to grab some ICED tea or water afterwards. DRY is an understatement.


This one can leave you feeling superman-ish after the bottom goes up. For me, it gets me super drink, 
super fast.Leaves some warming effect on the way down that beer wont give you. You
will want more but will eventually have to stop.