The Staple-ly Starbucks of Japan. They have StarBucks. This is Japan version.

And yes, COKE bottles it.

This one comes in flavors and more recently flavors no longer available outside of Japan.
(Well you arent supposed to export it, but….)


    Latte(au lait)
    Mountain Blend

It has a unique roasted bean flavor I cant quite place. I do not believe this is expresso. Some say it has almost a nicotene flavor to it. I dont smoke and cant find it anywhere on the label. Addicting, SURE. Just not like crack. You wont kill someone over not having a can of coffee. But not having a machine to vend from just might get on your nerves eventually. You will WANT MORE and it will NOT be there.

Comes Cold, and HOT out of the machine. The SAME machine.
Runs about a buck or buck twenty PER CAN.About the size of two StarBucks expresso double shots stacked on one another.

So how does it fare?