Thats ho-ka ho-ka tie. Your Japanese is lousy.

Imagine El poyo loko (The crazy chicken) in Japan that only caters to Japanese food. The bowl has become the common element.

So whats a koe-ka bowl you ask?


(I removed the background in thso photo.)

And as you know, the orient is well known for its noodle and rice. NO exception here.

There are three main bowls of this.

	Chicken Kon-kat-su
	Pork kon-kat-su [favorite]
	(I forget the third)

I usually order by number. I havent been there in years.
But MY MY MY these people can cook, and to standards!

(I think it means pan fried food.)

No American cuisine here. Just Japanese. Enjoy your chopsticks. Dont forget the Tea because its extra.Like papa john pizza, turn to the side. DRINKS.

So how does it fare?


Is there anything these restauraunt cant make?

:O right. Tacos. If you want food from elsewhere….GO ELSEWHERE.
Not one complaint about this restauraunt chain.
I will not complain.