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Neccesita Translaccion?!?

    Please note some discovered bugs with this website. These are not the site developers fault.

    Flicker-flacker is due to reloading the page without the stylesheet for the website or reloading of it due to font loading.
    Basically, the fonts load lazily or are too FAT for our use. Removing the offender solves the problem (for now).

    Some are related to multimedia playback.


    Firefox users may encounter some bugs:
    		image.animation- set to "normal"
    		media.autoplay.enabled- set to "false" (double click)
    This should also stop those nasty autoplaying video ads..
    However, DO NOT DISABLE media.peerconnection setting. 
    It will break video playback.
    The video for some reason downscales itself if size attributes arent specified.

    Internet Exploder (less than 11):

    Ewe might have some issues hereā€¦ this wasnt the best code after all..