..and in with the ponzi scheme….

Dont rent it TN. EVER. Like EV-AR. You are asking for a shithole.
No HEAT in the winter-
NO COOL in the summer…

Give me a place for half-off, why-dont-ya!

Its different with no hedge. I want a hedge….. I want a hedge soo bad….
but JUDY was a royal piece of dog poop to me…

I should have one by now but noooo…. she had a bug up her you-nose-where….
Well.. no mores business for ewe…

I met two “so called” photographers (only one could shoot with his own pro gear)..and Im seeing dated business relations.
Not soon after I discoverd the website .. I figured out why….

Free-Sci Mountain Productions doesnt have a blog section yet…
.. and they NEVER WILL.

There is NO FREESCI.
No productions, no printing, no nothing.
The “brothers” never got along. EVER.

FREE left pissed, but busy…SCI IS STILL an ASS and otherwise unemployed if not for Civil Air Patrol.
He stil leeches off ma and pa like a never ending credit card.
He still wheels and deals ponzi schemes like theyre cool OPM (I really mean OPIUM) deals.

Spending other peoples money barely works for even REAL ESTATE these days.
People got arrested bigtime for crap like that.
I guess SCI wasnt alive in the 90s when it was a YUGE PONZI SCHEME HIT?

And then to insult me with a degerate so called PC technician and IT wanna-be that doesnt know his ETHERNET from a cloud in the sky? CMON! (Here’s my replacement?? o-kay…..)

I guess getting spanked one month wasnt enough for him??
I hope the FBI locked him up and seized his Jeep.

I want his head. Ill settle for the $4800 Im owed.
You dont take money thats not yours (thats set aside for someONE special…) you just dont.