Apparently Bill Gates didnt learn his lesson the last (seven) time(s)….


If you have code on GitHub, Id remove the repos now(and eat the consequences later) and tell Linus to scrub your folders.

This is not a JOKE!
This is not a DRILL!
The code-devouring zombies from Microsoft have landed!

Your code repository “will be added to our collective consciousness and become our own”

Microsoft IS out to STEAL your code AGAIN, Borland isnt there to stop them this time, and double jeopardy applies(so they cant be sued again for same crimes). This HELL is straight out of hollywoods ANTITRUST movie. If Microsoft OWNS the Linux development teams- THERE IS NO COMPETITION.

Torvaldis himself created the Master repo and underlying technology.


Corporate boondockery and misconduct if you ask me- and Bill should be removed from the company for it!
If anyone deserves to buy out GitHub, it needs to be REDHAT or Novell(SuSe)!

Hide your daughters and purge your repoes people- this is the only solution we have!
If they cant reach the code- they cant steal it.

And who says “open source” means “unencrypted for public viewing”?
Whats preventing a PUBLIC yet “programmers only” public space backed by cryptography and user registration?

Banks have KYC(know your customer) so why cant we use similar to KYP(know your programmers)?

Just say NO to the “Forced GitHub buyout/FIRESALE”!

Lesson 1:

	Microsoft bought DOS as CP/M and sold it as thier own
	(a hit with IBM)

Lesson 2:

	Win3+ was created from stolen Borland, INC Graphics routines code
	which was relabled as VISUAL C and VISUAL Basic to avoid lawsuits.
	(another hit, knocks development back)

Lesson 3:

	Win95+ was bundled with Internet Explorer(IE) and M$FT got sued

Lesson 4:

	Microsoft bought out a disk defragging company for help with the NTFS filesystem

Lesson 5:

	WinME and beyond got bundled with unremoveable ANTI-Malwware suites "designed by microsoft"

Lesson 6:

	Microsoft sued again for antitrust by bundling IE and other software in Europe

Lesson 7:

	Microsoft BUNDLES "bash Linux Shell" and claims "interoperability" with Win10, 
	yet the code wasnt thiers. Microsoft agrees to "go open" and adopt "a Linux of thier own" in SERVER series 
	of "thier operating system".

	(M$ft already has powershell, a knock off replacement)

Lesson 8:

	GitHub attempted buyout

Need I say more?

Someone wants something that isnt thiers but they cant make it thiers without buying out the code.
You cant make a profit from open source software, you have to close source it first.
The only way to do that is to own the servers the code is hosted on.
(also Im betting to charge people money)

Please forgive the haste-I have plenty to go here.