Your system is a joke…NO. I will not roll you a Fedora.
Im not going to repackage garbage from ANY company.

It was good while it lasted.
It was a fun and challenging experience.

But there are too many check-engine lights showing up and I dont have a clue what to do.

RedHat is ignoring bugs filed because they want to push releases to you quickly.
What they are saying is they would rather up your numbers on applications and libs without bothering to check to see how stable they are.

This is whats causing this HELL.

And when you throw supposed NSA SELinux into the mix—it gets even more nastier.
Now throw in boot level bugs when rolling a distro and POOF!


Linux is hard enough. WE penguins dont need this.

So if you were loking for MyOS- you will have to make it YOURS and roll it yourself.
That also means updating the kickstart files, because its not worth my time to do it.


My other sites arent up yet- so I put this here.