Neccesita Translaccion?!?

    Looking to acquire a hedgehog but cant find one?

    No worries.

    Check the “LEGAL status” Post first (in the hedgie-blog, silly)…
    Im not responsible for yours being taken away by the state- either while moving or when travelling, especially by air.

    Some states (or cities) DO NOT ALLOW them.
    But make sure yor landlady does too…YOU dont want to get thrown away for having one.

    Breeder locator (to find one stateside):
    ASPCA Rescues

    ..Or try facebook(but not Craigslist)


    	please have experience. 

    You need to know how to look for trouble (and how to prevent it).
    First timers are advised to do reasearch and OWN ONE from elsewhere FIRST.

    These hedgehoggies are RESCUES for a REASON.
    These Hoggies may have issues(or considered throw-aways -like foster kids w five prior parents-)


    (Most rescues will try to nurse the hedgehogs back to health, if there are issues.
    However, nothing else is guaranteed. Hedgehogs are HUFFY with attitude by nature.)

    Known “QUALITY” Rescues:



    Sugar Glider and Rescue (of Northern Arizona)
    Arizona Rescue (of Tuscon)



    Over-the-hedge rescue


    Cox Hedgehog Rescue
    UK Wildlife Trust
    UK Wildlife aid

    HWS website may have more listed. Is one near you?


    If Im at a pet store be wary, breeder are usually the better option but some people is stupid and let us multiply out of controls.
    Some are listed via craigslist.
    But this place can be the worst place to find a hedgehoggie.

    Sometimes, humie dont take care of us..
    Lots of people on the internet just wanna get rids of me.

    Im not a throw away! Nobody throws me aways! How comes ewe so means?


    Now ewe gets me all upsetz (waaah) and I don wanna we around no-bodie….RRRR

    Still yet breeder does not guarantee temperment and that I will behave.

    Hedgehoggie can be MEAN, they get upset or pissed easily.

    And you have to find people in nowhereville, So plan accordingly.

    If you cant be responsible, dont give me girlfriends or dont GET ME!!
    Im not a cute wee thing to throw with other cute wee things and laugh about.

    Your wee kiddos dont get the message to HOUSE ME SEPERATELY!!!

    Im not a “cute holiday present”. Dont think Im some kids “birthday toy”.

    You MUST TAKE TIME with me before taking me home.
    If you dont, you will wind up listing me on craigslist. Dont be a BAD PERSON

    Ok- nuff said…wanna take me home? Im sooo cute……

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