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Neccesita Translaccion?!?

    The “Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog(TM)” will be told another day.
    There appear to be numerous stories, yet ONE seems to make more sense than the others.
    (One of the FAR FAR AWAY Lands might yet- not be- so far away- it seems….)

    “SE-GA” Defined:

        SEGA ==> "Service" in military SUPPORT/USO/ REC Welfare.

    (The “FUN” people aboard ship and around the bases….)

    They started with pinball machines, then SPINBALL arcade titles….

    Not as in “we service arcade games”..
    I didnt get it at first, either.

    If you dont belive me- do some homework.

    If you burn veterans…dont expect mercy from us…
    SOME OF US (that work here) ARE VETERANS.

    As the story goes:

    	..twas late in the middle of World War II..

    Airmen, Marines, and Sailors joined forces to fight a nefarious foe….
    His name was Adolf Hitler.

    -Very much akin to Robotnik aka EGGMAN.