Im not gonna put it any other way:

    MEAN PEOPLE need to be force-fed poop all day

They can suck up a lake of piss…etc.

I dont care about them..
I dont care about what happens to them..
And neither should you.

Dont give me that holier-than-thou-crap.
Youve never been irrevokably harmed…

Because if you have been- you will understand.

But God have mercy on your soul (because I wont) if I ever catch you killing a hedge.
“Whatever you do to the least of these….I SHALL ALSO DO TO YOU.” -JESUS

Ewe think the ASPCA cares?


The ones claiming to “prevent abuse” are the ones causing it.

Can the same be said about other branches of Government?
I am begining to wonder.

Because if you cant trust the Government…who can you trust? Thats a password joke, by the way…Tru$tNo1

Its been hard..its harder knowing that at someone else hands yours left you…
In Japan they pay recompense to the one harmed…

America has no values anymore.
“Harm everyone” is the new norm and it isnt right.

You cant bring an innocent life back….and it “isnt natural” to do necromancy.