Am I legal? Central knows!

		LEGAL since 2015- exempted from WILDLIFE EXCLUSIONS in FISH and GAME LAWS.
		Habitation Permit(with zoo limitations) is NO LONGER REQUIRED.

		dont push your luck but they wont stop and frisk you if youre just travelling thru. 
		Legal in the State and island but not the city.<br>

		not *entirely* illegal. 
		Able to smuggle in if nice but dont fly with me.
		Nearest safe-to-fly-in city is Las Vegas. 
		There are plenty of vets but make sure they are nice to me and know what theyre doing.

	Wheres a Breeder??
		Look at the list or arond on facebook.
		Those found on craigslist are often abused or dont answer the posted ad. 

Hello Hedgehog
Domesticated Hedgehog

I am NOT a DOG. DO NOT treat me like one.[ESPECIALLY AT THE VET] I have SPECIAL needs.

And for the love of GOD, BE NICE to ME! I can and will BITE you if you are MEAN to ME!