The hedgehog with a blog… I always have lots to say.

But Waf(what) I sez when I at your house?

Will I huff and puff and blow yer house down?
If eyez a huffin an puffin, then wye ewe buggin me?

Ewe dink I wike being roley poley? (Do you think I like being al squished up and round?)

I want to explorez!

All dis smells…mmmm..

I nose screams unless Im hurt or stuck. Eyes rather quiet.

Smack smack.. mef mef…or if you really being mean: eff eff efff.
O, ewe beez nice? Cooo…

Ewe has sum tea? O de stories I can tell ewe….

ewe wants to cuddle? hmmmm?
No, I dont wanna get up…I sleeps all day on you, warm soft humie….