Mae-bee ewe noticed…mae-bee you were too busy to hit ctrl-f5…

This hedgehog (and website) was getting fat (and lazy) for the winter.

Most of the issues are due to forgetting to pay the syntax or cache related. (google me once….then pagespeed me)
These issues are being worked out.

There are a few nasty bugs being fixed due to jekyll “forced updates”- they break tags and “related features”.

The store will come back when I get someone who agrees to drop-shipping. Drop shipping is a joke.
You think you can set it up(automated) and then your merchant tells you NO and takes your money.
If three bad consumers(and theres all this anti fraud stuff….) can screw you out of business- then its not worth being IN business.

We will still coordinate donations(to UK preferred) but havent much to donate as of late.
We will not cease taking bit-and-alt coins. We have a card. We can use GDAX if we must. If we must- we will make CC donations to europe. If ewe take coin- TELL ME!

We do give to bitgive foundation. (expanse is directly mined and donated from our in house machine)
It is inappropriate to not have food for us and our little ones and donate to help others.

Personal posts will be put somewhere when I have the time.
Reviews will stay here.
The Hedgehogs arent moving.

Photo and video restoration services are coming soon with optional (furtive planned) BW and color lab processing.
Sometimes you have to go on the adventure first before you “process it”.

IT will have its own store site (eventually). The code and OS stuff needs to go somewhere else.
ET will have to find room under the bed (a very old joke by Doc. M Wolf)….

but seriously…ET and SCI-FI need a place to go and SCI-REALITY, well…mae-be that can stay here…
it IS hedgehog related, after all..